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Free Wifi

Our banquet hall features a free Wi-Fi for all clients. So nobody has to sit in the room to enjoy the free wifi. You will fly and relax anywhere. Thanks to our safe and easy Wifi link, you can have a high-speed Internet during your visit.


When you immediately get a good whiff of natural perfume, your mind will send a message to your body and you will feel absolutely refreshed. You'll find several different designer toiletries in our royal inn resort which will make you feel healthier and refreshed. There are scented soap, sanitizer, body spray, face wash, moisturiser and many more.


Resort is not just a house with a huge number of rooms where people come and enjoy their parties. They 're going to a family destination for rest and refreshment. So we need to give them maximum protection.In order to ensure a safe atmosphere inside the resort premises, it is important to provide 24x7-hour monitoring of the CCTV, which would monitor anything that happens inside it.


Dream of a spa with no washing services at all. What would you feel about it? There are various resorts in our country where there is a laundry service, but it will require extra charge and will be accessible everyday for a limited time. But at the resort hotel, we 're giving you a 24x7 laundry facility, you just need to call the laundry service, and they're going to work out all your issues.

Social Room

A meeting space is of the utmost significance in the event of a family reunion. In our resort, you'll have a wide party room where every kind of family bonding experience will conveniently take place, such as birthday parties , social events, New Year parties, wedding anniversary celebrations. In addition, our chefs and employees are well educated and know how to please all our customers.


You need nutritious and tasty food wherever you are alive. Our specialist chefs are able to cook food of all sorts according to your wish. We know that food and beverage are very important in our country for every sort of occurrence. And we believe in tasty meals served. Our chef retains the correct hygiene when cooking food.