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Our banquet hall is the safest place to be in Patna for a wedding ceremony. It is ideal for all similar arrangements. In addition, we also have a dedicated team of wedding designers who will make all crafts like flowers and everything to give a grand look to the wedding ceremony. We will make your dream wedding ceremony a reality. Our banquet hall has a seating capacity of 3000 people to provide a decent accommodation facility for all the guests. We do use the hall to decorate it according to the client’s request, and our team of event managers delivers that. Our professional workers will still be there to provide the best services to all the customers.


An engagement party is becoming famous again nowadays. When you formally introduce your wife to everyone, it’s going to be a mesmerising experience for her. Every little thing of that day will be remembered, every feeling she feels, and she will pass the experience on to your children and grandchildren. So making the day very memorable for her is crucial; it can be arranged a grand event to make her feel important. But if you’re puzzled about how to arrange such an event, then surely our event planner can support you on this issue. Royal Inn Resort provides such a wonderful moment that the companion can never forget.


Anniversaries are special occasions in someone’s life that arrive every year, and everybody wishes to mark a grand anniversary. You don’t have to think about planning such an event because we at the Royal Inn Resort are experts in arranging such activities. That’s because our resort has a squad of event planners in Patna. We also organised several anniversary celebrations during the year and will give you a unique idea to make your loved one feel special. The high-quality services provided by us have made us the best anniversary party planners in Patna, and so we are the business leaders in organising activities.


We have a team of wedding planners who make couples feel unique who are getting married and have a beautiful wedding reception that sticks in their mind for the rest of their lives. Our reception planner will always be present, giving clients a new style of decoration during a wedding service, and eventually introducing the template chosen by the client. Our wedding planner will arrange the celebration in such a manner that everyone will appreciate from young to the elderly. They can ask a few questions to get more details about the bride and groom so that they can create a mesmerising arrangement for them, which is unforgettable.

Meeting & Conference

In today’s world, which is full of business and public relations, lectures, conventions, trade fairs, workshops, board meetings and other relevant corporate activities have become very popular. These organisational activities have a crucial role to play in growing the profitability of the company and helping to remain competitive with greater market power. Therefore, any professional and efficient event managing company must be there to handle the whole event correctly without any complications or issues. So if you are looking for a corporate event manager, then you can contact us at the Royal Inn Resort because we are professionals and willing to carry out these business activities with complete honesty.

Birthday Party

One of the most memorable and unique occasions that occurs every year is your birthday. Birthday brings a few milestones of your life. Everyone deserves to have a grand party on their birthdays and to get a warm wish from everyone, regardless of age. At our Royal Inn resort, we have the best event planners who will arrange the unique birthday party in a more grand way that will last in their minds for the rest of their lives. Our event planners are from Ranchi, and they’ll give you a fun birthday party.All of our clients like the designs that we introduce, and it meets their needs, so we have a great mix of stunning decoration and fun at the function. We are experts at planning birthday parties.

Get Together

Getting together is a social experience that people enjoy now. Once in a while, they want to hold a social party with their friends and relatives. But if you have a huge social network and want to organise it all together, then you should get in touch with us. Our resort is the perfect place to arrange all sorts of social parties and activities. In addition, our event planner will direct you on how to make things more enjoyable. Organizing social activity lets people feel calm and stress out of their everyday work routine. With the most sophisticated decorations and designs along with delicious snacks, it’s an amazing time.

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